I’ve been a teacher and a project manager and a scuba shop manager; an editor, a graphic designer, and a novelist. Talk about a career trajectory! I've raised two kids and step-momed three more. My mystery-thrillers—Body Parts, The Dead Stone, The Grief Shop, and The Bone Man—have been published. I’m married and I’ve lived in Maine, Arizona, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New Hampshire. And those are just parts of that thing we call "a life."

Through it all, I’ve taken photographs. Maybe a billion family pics and millions of portraits and landscapes and news photos. Placing my eye behind the lens is never boring. What materializes is often deliberate and just as often a surprise. The camera as exploration. I love the synchronicity of photography.

I often ask: what does the image say? Does it surprise you? Does it move you? Does it make you laugh? Maybe cry? How much of me is inside that image? Why does one image turn me on and another one bore me? How come this image works, while this other one is bland?

I also wonder: why must I capture what I’m seeing, what I’m feeling? Passion is a part of it, but certainly not all. It doesn’t explain: Why photography? Why do it?

And I'll think how sometimes lifting a camera to my face is an escape. I should step out from behind the lens and just be. At least I tell myself that.

Or am I overthinking it all? That’s nature, too.

I hope that my images make you feel something. Because while craft is an essential part of it, art…creation—it’s about feelings. At least that's how I see it.

Many of the photos on this site are self generated. Some were for an assignment or on request or studio work. Most are for sale and for download. Thanks for stopping by!

Vicki Stiefel
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